Start Here: What is Sales Messaging?

What is Sales Messaging? Let me put it this way.

If you’ve ever wondered, how the heck do I…

…get more of the right people eyeing and buying my offer….
…stop blending in with other experts in my space…
…make buying from me an easy yes (even when I charge premium prices)
…speed up the time between someone discovering me + actually buying…

You’re in the right place, because Sales Messaging can answer all of these questions and more. 🙌

Understanding Sales Messaging is going to radically improve the way you market and sell your offers.

Right now, a lot of what’s online about sales messaging is for big companies and corporations with huge teams. I wanted to create a comprehensive guide for the solopreneurs and the small biz experts who want to sign more clients + attract more students into their programs, courses, and services.

And do it in a way that feels fresh, fun, and easy (no high-pressure sales or pushy tactics required).

When you learn how to craft your sales messaging, marketing becomes easier, sales begin to flow, and your business starts to truly take off! 🚀

This Start Here article is great because it’ll point you to a bunch of other helpful topics as well. Definitely bookmark this page so you can come back to it later!

I can’t wait for you to dive in!

What is Sales Messaging?

Sales messaging is how you communicate and position your offer so you can powerfully sell to your dream clients.

Sales messaging is crafted for each offer in your business – meaning each offer (each program, course, service, etc.) needs to have its own unique messaging and positioning. 

When you know your sales messaging…everything changes.

  • You stop second-guessing your marketing because you know how to attract and sell to dream clients
  • You stop blending in with other experts + offers in your space because yours sounds different, unique, and special
  • You’re able to command premium prices because your messaging backs up the value you deliver
  • You’re able to launch, create content, and sell with focus and ease, because you know what to say to grab dream client attention and sell your offer

How is sales messaging different from brand messaging?

Brand messaging is for your business as a whole. It communicates your overall mission, vision, values, and gives your audience a reason to engage and follow you.

Sales messaging is specific to offers in your business. It communicates the specific value, impact, and benefits of your offer, and shows people how you do things differently. It gives your audience all the reasons they need to BUY from you.

So if you’ve worked on your branding and brand messaging but still aren’t seeing the sales you want…that means it’s time to dig deeper and better communicate your offers (aka – your sales messaging!).

>> Click here to see the full breakdown on the difference between brand and sales messaging (and launch messaging!)

 How is sales messaging different from copy or content?

Think of it this way – if copy or content is like a car, sales messaging is like your GPS.

🧭 Sales messaging gives your copy or content strategic direction and helps you know what to say when to say it and how to say it. It’s your messaging points, selling angles, unique positioning and more – that give you a North Star for how to market and sell your offer.

🚗 Your copy or content is like a car because it’s is the vehicle that gets your sales messaging across. It’s how you “package up” your messaging and deliver it with your audience.

What should a Sales Messaging Strategy include?

When I work with clients inside the Sales Messaging Revamp, we lay the foundations for 8 areas of your sales messaging. These 8 areas are the foundational pieces that you need that will help you brainstorm content ideas, write your own sales copy, and launch your offer with confidence.

Here are the 8 pieces every sales messaging strategy should include:

#1) Big Promise: The Powerful Result of Working With You

Your big promise is the ultimate outcome or reason somebody wants to work with you.  

It’s typically a clear and concise statement that explains what your offer is, who it’s for, and the end result of working with you. 

There are a lot of easy mistakes to make when crafting your promise. But primarily you want to make sure:

  • You have a clear audience on WHO your offer is for
  • You have a specific and tangible OUTCOME that people can get excited about
  • You communicate the HOW – the tool, skill, or process that delivers the result

An example of a clear promise might be:

  • Fitness Program: The Bootcamp for New Moms (audience) Who Want to Return to their Pre-Baby Weight in 90 Days (specific outcome) with Powerful Pilates (how).

  • Business Program: A program for new business owners (audience) who want to sign their first high-ticket client in 12-weeks (specific outcome) with ethical sales calls (how).

  • Career Coaching Program: A 6-month program for mid-level managers (audience) who want to get a 5-figure raise (specific outcome) by mastering their interview + negotiating skills. (how).

Once you nail this down, you can play with it to make it truly yours. But knowing these three 3 points (your who, your outcome, and your how) are key to communicating your offer clearly and effectively.

#2) Dream Client 360: Know the Right Things About Your Dream Clients

Everything (and I mean *everything*) in your messaging comes back to your dream clients. If it doesn’t resonate with them…they’ll keep scrolling until they find an expert who will make them feel seen, heard, and understood.

Before you begin – I recommend thinking about the last 5-10 clients you had, and ask yourself:

  • Who did you enjoy working with the most? Why?
  • What words did they use to describe their problems?
  • What words did they use to describe their desires?
  • What questions did they have before they said yes to working with you?

>> Click here to check out the blog post on: Mind-Reading Messaging: How to Grab Dream Client Attention

This will help you get out of your own head and into the head of your ideal client…so you can better connect and resonate with their goals and desires in your sales messaging.

Once we know who your dream client is and how to call in the RIGHT people (and repel the rest!) – we can start to dig deeper into mapping out the rest of your messaging. If you want more info on how to do this, check out the blog post linked below about the 4 messaging angles to attract dream clients!

>> Click here to check out the blog post on: 4 Messaging Angles to Attract Dream Clients

#3) Perspective Shifts: Challenge Your Audience to Think Bigger + Do Different

Perspective shifts are important because this is where you’ll challenge your dream clients on what they’re currently doing or thinking.

This is where you call them out with love and say hey – here’s why you might be stuck or confused on why you’re not getting the results you want.

Creating this is how you’ll make them feel seen, heard, and understood…and importantly – how you’ll open their minds to a new way of doing things.

This is how you start to plant the seeds that hmm – maybe I should work with her!

 #4) Your Authority Building Story: Build The Credibility You Need to Sell

 Your Authority Building Story isn’t your normal or general “about me” that you might have on your website. This is a specific story that communicates who you are, why you created this offer, and why you care about seeing this audience win.

This helps people understand the love, thought, and care that you’ve put into creating this offer for them – and building that trust that you can help them achieve the goal they desire most.

 #5) Offer Benefits: Show them the Value from Every Angle

One of the biggest mistakes people make in their messaging is talking about: what people get, do, and learn inside the offer.

But no one buys because they get access to a Facebook group…Q&A calls…or whatever else you’ve included. They buy for the benefits – aka, how your offer helps them get closer to their goals.

#6) Unique Selling Angles: Cut Through the Noise + Stand Out as The Best Option

Unique selling angles help you cut through the noise in your niche and stand out as the best option for your dream clients.  

Your angles should show people how you do things differently and better than what they may have seen or tried before. They flex your expertise, show your unique approach, and inspire your dream clients to think bigger and do better.

When you have selling angles that speak to what’s top of mind for your dream clients – your marketing becomes so much more bold, memorable, and engaging.

#7) Answering Objections: Get People Ready to Say Yes

Objections are the questions, fears, or hesitations that people might have before they feel ready to work with you. 

Remember – objections don’t mean rejection! 

They just mean your clients need more information (and confidence!) before they feel ready to buy. And being proactive about answering that can ensure that no client (or sale!) gets left behind in your next launch.

#8) Craft a Powerful Pitch: Inspire Them to Take Action Now

Your pitch is your opportunity to invite people to work with you. It’s bigger than just a CTA of “enroll today” or “sign up now” – because we’re also communicating WHY someone should take action now.

I call this the “fork in the road” decision moment. They can either decide to take action, make a change, and see exciting wins…or they can stay stuck, confused, and unsure of how to get what they want.

It’s the loving nudge to get people off the fence and into your offers.

How to Get Started with Your Sales Messaging

I would recommend spending 10 minutes brainstorming each category and think about….

  • What would grab my dream client’s attention?
  • What do I want to be known for?
  • What do I want my offer to stand for?

And go from there! 🙌

I’m working on creating in-depth guides for each of these 8 categories – so stay tuned for more details on how to craft each one with confidence.

If you’re ready to have your bold sales messaging outlined, strategized, and ready to go – check out the Sales Messaging Revamp.

Inside the Revamp, we work together to uncover your most profitable and persuasive sales messaging for your signature offer.

We work through these 8 categories so you walk away with the key selling points and messaging angles you need to stand out and sell. You’ll know what to say to start communicating and selling your offer better, right away.

This revamp has been booked by over 30+ clients since 2021 and is a fan-favorite for getting your messaging mapped out and ready to go for your next sales push. 🥳

If it’s time to stop second-guessing your marketing and feel confident that every word you write is bringing ideal clients your way…

Check it out here! >> Sales Messaging Revamp

Until next time…

Boldly Yours ⚡


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Start Here: What is Sales Messaging?

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