Difference between Brand and Sales Messaging

Knowing the difference between brand and sales messaging (and launch messaging!) is key to achieving the right business goals and seeing the results you want.

Let me break it down for you – so you know what to do and where to focus depending on if you want to to bring in the right audience, communicate the value of your offers, and/or sell more spots in your course, program, and services.

I did a 20-min training on this if you want to watch here! But keep scrolling to see the breakdown on the difference between brand and sales messaging.

Brand Messaging: Giving People a Reason to Follow

Brand messaging is your “high level” messaging for your business. It’s how you communicate things like:

  • your overall business mission and vision and values
  • who you’re for and not for
  • what you want people to think and feel when they engage with your business
  • on a high level, what you do and how you help

Brand messaging is important because it brings the right people into your world. It gets the *right* eyes and ears on your business and brings people into your orbit. Your brand messaging helps you build an audience, create a loyal following, and inspires them to connect, follow, and stay engaged with your business.

It’s important to lay these foundations – because everything that comes after (including your sales and launch messaging) will be influenced by your overall brand messaging.

But – brand messaging alone does *not* generate sales. That’s what Sales Messaging is for 😉👇

Sales Messaging: Giving People a Reason to Buy

When you’ve got great brand messaging but weak sales messaging…people will look, tell you they “love your vibe”….bookmark your website…but never actually buy. 😅

It’s the biggest gap I see in my clients! Because they’ve done the overall branding + high-level messaging work…but they haven’t dug deeper to really communicate the power and value of why people should BUY.

Sales Messaging is what helps you actually convert your audience + community into paying clients.

Sales messaging is how you communicate the individual offers in your business. This means every offer in your business (e.g. every course, program, service) has it’s OWN sales messaging. (This is why you might also see sales messaging called “Offer Messaging”).

Your Sales Messaging Strategy should include:

  • knowing who your offer is for
  • knowing the problem you solve + results you create
  • busting myths and misconceptions around your area of expertise
  • powerfully communicating your offer features, benefits, and long-term value
  • expressing what makes your offer different + special
  • answering questions and objections around your offer
  • and more!

And when your sales messaging is right – things move quickly. You will start to…

  • attract the RIGHT people to your course, program, or services
  • charge a premium for your work – because you’re showing people how valuable it is
  • stand out from similar offers and experts in your space
  • build trust and credibility around your offers
  • see more sign ups and sales!🔥

Working on your sales messaging is how I’ve helped clients raise their prices, book out their services, hit their first 5 and 6-figure launches, and more! It’s the gamechanger many business owners are missing.

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Launch Messaging: Inspiring People to Buy *Now*

Launch messaging is a sub-set of your sales messaging. It’s your sales messaging PLUS small tweaks or updates you might make for each time you do a “sales push” or marketing campaign for your offer.

To finalize your launch messaging, you’ll take your sales messaging and make final tweaks based on things like:

Internal decisions such as…

  • business goals you have (raising your prices, targeting a slightly different audience, etc)
  • client feedback you’ve gotten (which will help you better resonate and sell to new clients)

Front facing things such as…

  • communicating the value of any bonuses, discounts, or other limited-time incentives, etc
  • communicating logistical changes (last chance, price going up, XYZ going away forever, etc)
  • communicating launch dates (eg. enrollment begins on X date! doors close at midnight! etc

From there, you’re ready to launch your offer! You’ll use your launch messaging to create bingeable content, sales-ready copy, and spread your bold sales messaging to your audience.

*cha ching* – I think I just heard your PayPal pop off!

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Your Brand Messaging is Important – But It’s Just the Beginning

In summary:

  • Brand Messaging: Gives people a reason to follow. Brings followers, audience, community.
  • Sales Messaging: Gives people a reason to buy. Brings clients, sales, revenue growth.
  • Launch Messaging: Inspires people to buy now. (creates *bursts* of clients, sales , revenue)

If you’ve invested in getting branding and brand messaging support – that’s GREAT!! 🥳 Like I said – it lays the foundations for everything else in your business.

But if you feel like you’ve got the right people in your audience, and they aren’t buying – it’s time to look at your Sales Messaging.

Because once you’ve got a Sales Messaging Strategy for your signature offer, that’s when you’ll start to see the right people reaching out, asking to learn more, and happily buying your offers (even when you charge the big bucks).

Feel free to message me at OR send me a message on Instagram at @samanthahoilett.writes if you want to chat more about the difference between brand and sales messaging or see how we might be able to work together!

Boldly Yours ⚡


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Difference between Brand and Sales Messaging

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