Mind-Reading Messaging: Grab Dream Client Attention

Have you ever read something and thought DANG it’s like she’s in my head?

That’s the power of mind-reading messaging. 🔮

Mind-reading messaging grabs attention, makes it easy to craft bingeable content that people love to read, and makes your potential clients feel seen, heard, and understood.

Without it…people will continue to skip past your content, move your emails to “promotions”…and scroll onto the next expert who knows how to connect to their needs. Yeah…not what we want. 😅

This blog post is all about how you can leverage the power of mind-reading messaging so you can more powerfully connect and sell to the dream clients in your audience right now.

I did a 20 minute training on this if you want to watch it here –  otherwise keep scrolling for the full blog post.

The Top Mistakes That Make You Sound Meh Instead of Creating Mind-Reading Messaging

You’re talking about what YOU want to say…not what your dream clients need to hear.

If you’re only talking about your expertise, your offers, and your ideas…you’re skipping a major step. Before we say anything…we need to HOOK and grab our potential client’s attention.

If we just jump right into what we want to talk about – we don’t make it clear why they should pay attention or how it’s relevant to them and their problems and goals.

Remember – people are always scanning for things that SPEAK to them and connect with them. So we have to write our content so it’s really obvious how you solve a problem, help them hit a goal, or answer a question they have.

You’re using expert jargon or coaching words that leave people confused 

Funny enough – I recently had a coaching session where my coach asked me “what invitations I was feeling”. And I was like – what’s an invitation? 😅

All to say – we can’t assume our clients “speak” the same expert language as we do. We need to use the words and language they use so they can understand and get excited about what we’re saying.

You’re being generally fluffy or vague

You’re saying broad statements like “love your life” or “feel more alignment” or “grow your business” – but again, it’s hard to VISUALIZE what this might look or feel like.

The first place people “try out your offer” is in their MIND. So we need to paint powerful pictures that people can visualize, understand, and get excited about.

Introducing: My TAP Framework on how to create Mind-Reading Messaging that *taps* into the heart and minds of dream clients

My TAP framework is going to help you get way more clear, specific, and compelling so you can create mind-reading messaging. If you take a moment to brainstorm messaging points for each of these categories, you’ll be overflowing with content ideas AND grab dream client attention.

NOTE: Remember to use words and language your dream client would actually use!!


For thoughts, I want you to brainstorm specific thoughts your dream clients have. Even better if you come up with thoughts that they may have in “secret” or haven’t shared with anyone. 

Think about…

  • Unspoken thoughts they have
  • Feelings
  • Desires
  • Fears

Anything that might be running through your dream client’s mind.

Here’s an example of this mind-reading messaging in action:

❌ here’s how to get more engagement in your group program  (what’s engagement look like? Why do I care?)
✅ tired of hosting empty zoom rooms? Here’s what to do… (ugh yes! I hate when my clients don’t show up to the calls…how do I fix this?)

❌ 3 tips to get that next promotion (meh, not memorable at all)
✅ It’s time to stop secretly hating your boss and get the promotion you deserve. Here’s how (yes tell me!!)


For actions, I want you to brainstorm specific actions, tasks, or to-do’s your dream clients are doing right now to try to hit their goal. Where are they spending their time and energy right now? What does that look like?

Think about…

  • What they’re doing now
  • What they’ve tried before
  • What they see other people doing
  • What they think they *should* be doing

Here’s an example of this mind-reading messaging in action:

❌ How to feel healthier (meh, so vague, healthier how?)
✅ If you can’t spend one more dang minute on the treadmill…here’s what to do instead (yes!!)

❌ Why you need sales calls (boring, focused on your expertise not their desires)
✅ What if you could replace creating 10x pieces of content with ONE conversation? (OOOH tell me more!)


For problems, I want you to think of real life moments your dream clients encounter. Think about a day in their life (but not like a boring day, think of a “movie” day – where it feels like everything crazy happens all at once). 

Think about…

  • Real life moments and challenges
  • Questions where they feel stuck, confused
  • Circumstances and events 

Again – this is how your messaging is going to be like a MIRROR 🪞 and reflect their reality back to them!

Here’s an example of this mind-reading messaging in action:

❌ why you struggle with public speaking (meh, people can’t picture themselves in this)
✅ Have an important speech coming up? Here are 3 things to do to avoid the stage sweats 

❌ how to prepare for your next launch (yeah ok…)
✅ It’s one week before your launch and your sales page is looking like Sales Page Final v1 FINAL FINAL…

To create mind-reading messaging…think like a movie director 🎬

If you can’t “act out” your messaging – it’s not clear, visual, or specific enough. To be more compelling, always think about:

  • What would this look like in action?
  • What’s an example of this happening?
  • When and where does this happen?

And go from there!

If you’re ready to leverage mind-reading messaging in ALL your sales copy and content, definitely check out the Sales Messaging Revamp.

We’ll work together to craft mind-reading messaging points and selling angles that will grab dream client attention and sell your offer.

You’ll walk away with a 15+ page blueprint that you can use right away to better communicate and sell your offer. You’ll have things like thoughts, actions, problems, offer benefits, FAQ, your pitch and more, all outlined and ready to go. It’s been a gamechanger for over 30+ clients since 2021!

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Mind-Reading Messaging: Grab Dream Client Attention

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