4 Sales Messaging Angles to Attract Dream Clients

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If you’re anything like me….you’ve probably filled out one of those 30+ page worksheets on how to “get to know your dream client”…

And you’ve spent time pondering what they might drink for breakfast or what their favorite TV show is…

But tbh, those little details don’t really matter 👀

What really matters…and what will inspire and move someone to work with you…isn’t if you can read their mind on what book they’re currently reading…

And more to do with – are you powerfully connecting to their stickiest problems, their burning questions, and their biggest desires.

Inside my Sales Messaging Revamp – I help clients dig into their dream clients from 4 key angles. 

These angles are backed by sales psychology and help you speak directly to what’s top of mind for your dream clients…so you can attract, connect, and sell to them.

Here are the 4 messaging angles to attract dream clients::

#1) Their Burning Problems + Sticky Pain Points

Problems and pain points attract the right clients because you’re speaking directly to problems you know you can solve (and therefore the clients you know you can help).

Problems are the real-life moments your clients feel stuck, uncertain, or confused. You want to think about problems as real-life circumstances they might point to, to say “I don’t know what to do here”. 

Pain points are how they FEEL about the problem. These are the thoughts and feelings that might come up as they experience the problem.

To identify problems → look at the steps your dream client needs to take to achieve the goal they want…and where they might get stuck along the way.

To identify pain points → imagine how it might feel or what thoughts might come up as they experience the problem, and try to use the words they would use.

Example: Let’s say you’re a career coach who helps mid-level professionals get promotions.

Problem 1 : don’t know which jobs to apply to

  • Pain point: job boards are overwhelming, there’s 1000s of jobs to choose from 
  • Pain point: I can’t tell which jobs would be a dream and which would suck
  • Pain point: I don’t know how to tell if I’m over/underqualified…

Problem 2 : don’t know how to interview

  • Pain point: I’m afraid of sounding dumb or incompetent in my interview
  • Pain point: I always get so nervous and forget what to say
  • Pain point: I feel like I always prepare for the wrong Qs 


See how just from these 6 points you could create content that instantly connects to what dream clients are thinking and feeling? Woot woot!

On to the next one…

#2) Their Biggest Desires + Dreamiest Goals

Desires and goals are the top outcomes your dream clients want most. These are important for attracting the right clients because just like pain points – you’ll focus on speaking to results and goals you know you can help your clients achieve. 

Desires are the more emotional outcomes…and goals are the more specific and tangible outcomes. It’s good to know a mix of both, because that’s how you’ll resonate with both sides of the brain + different buyer types!

For example, let’s say you help event planners market their services.

  • Desires: be in-demand and trusted, be recognized as the best event planner for your clients, get booked for dream events that spark your creativity and joy
  • Goals: book out your event planning services, hit your revenue goals with only 1-2 events per month, increase your prices, etc.

Same thing here – you could use these to brainstorm content ideas, email topics, and more to help you attract the right people for your offer.

#3) Qualify the RIGHT people

Now this is an angle a lot of people miss. Qualifying the right people is key to ensuring that you attract people who are actually ready to get the result.

Imagine selling sports cars…and two guys walk into the store. If you’re only looking at problems and desires – they both could be your dream client! Just one problem…one of them is a teenager 😂  This is basically what happens when we don’t qualify the right people for our offers upfront.

To qualify your dream clients, think about…

  • What do they need to be, do, or have to be ready to do this offer?
  • What experience should they have under their belt already?
  • What are the characteristics of someone I *know* I can help?
  • If I had to bet $1 million dollars that I could get my client a result, what would I be looking for?

For example, if you’re a systems expert who helps people grow their programs…you might say something like…

  • You’ve been in business for at least 3 years
  • You’re using software like Dubsado, Salesforce, or Airtable
  • You have at least 50+ client records to keep track of

Qualifying your dream clients is how you’re going to attract people who are fired up, equipped with everything they need, and ready to join your offer and get the result.

#4) Align: Attract Shared Vision + Values (…and repel the rest!)

Align is like Qualify – but more “emotional” qualifiers instead of tangible, logistical ones. To brainstorm Align – think about: what do you want someone to think, believe, or value to work with you? 

Communicating these upfront is how you attract clients who won’t just get the result, but who will thrive by working with you.

To attract aligned clients, think about:

  • What kind of coaching style do they like? 
  • What’s important to them (in and outside of business)?
  • What values and vision do you want to share with your clients?
  • Is this an inclusive space? How so?
  • What’s the “higher version” of themselves? How does your offer get them closer to that?

In action, this might look like:

  • My coaching style is direct and tough-love, but also supportive and flexible
  • You value freedom and flexibility above hustling and productivity
  • You care about ethical selling + people over profits
  • You want to be a part of a diverse and inclusive space that welcomes everyone

Remember – be bold, unapologetic, and clear

Being upfront about your alignment points is how you’ll attract people who don’t just get what they came for and peace out ✌🏽 but who love to work with you again and again.

Messaging is like a magnet. The more clear (and unapologetic!) you are about who you’re for…the more the right people can feel the PULL towards you and your offers (and “push” the wrong people away!). But the more wishy-washy you are…less pull you’ll have and the more you’ll get lost in the noise. Like Brené Brown says…Clear is kind!

I love working through this framework with clients because it helps them dig deep and create more engaging content that stands out and sells. This is just one piece of what we work on together inside the Sales Messaging Revamp.

If you’re ready to have your bold sales messaging outlined, strategized, and calling in those perfect fit clients – check out the Sales Messaging Revamp.

This revamp has been booked by over 30+ clients and is a fan-favorite for getting your messaging mapped out and ready to go for your next sales push.

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Catch you in the next post!

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4 Sales Messaging Angles to Attract Dream Clients

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