the launch advantage

a unique blend of done-for-you copy and hands-on support to scale your launch sales

have the bold messaging, bingeable content, and launch copy you need to hit your next 5 or 6-figure launch milestone.

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now booking for Q2 + q3

this is for you if...

  • You want writing launch copy off your plate so you can pour your energy and attention into other areas of your launch

  • You want to feel certain that your sales page, content, and emails will create desire, urgency, and SALES for your offer

  • You want to open your launch doors to a fire hot audience that's ready to rock and enroll

  • You want your messaging to cut through the noise and position you as the expert who is doing things differently

  • You want a sales messaging expert to review ALL your assets and polish them to perfection so you can launch with confidence

leave no sale behind in your next launch.

say goodbye to launch regrets like "I wish I sent more emails" or "I wish my messaging was sharper" and have the strategy and support you need to scale your launch sales

get ready to stand out and sell with...

sales messaging clean up that builds desire, demand and urgency

You'll have bold messaging, fresh selling points, and unique angles to bring to your next launch. You'll walk away from this 3-hour strategy call being able to communicate and sell your offer better, right away.

done-for-you email sequence that inspires and moves people to buy

done-for-you sales page copy that stands out and sells

This sales page will communicate your offer value, position you as the expert, and inspire people to buy. If you already have a sales page, I'll make conversion-boosting changes so that it's ready to attract, engage, and sell to your dream clients..

These 15 emails will bring the momentum from your prelaunch and carry you through from doors open to doors closing. By sharing social proof, answering objections, and building urgency, this sequence will move people into action before the doors close.

done-for-you 6-week content calendar with attention grabbing hooks

Never get stuck on what to say mid-launch again. This content calendar includes  eye-catching hooks you can use to create content that grabs attention, builds excitement, and positions your offer as a "need to have". Perfect for pre-launch emails and social content.

You'll be able to ping me in Slack to ask questions as they come up during your launch. Everything from "how should I answer this objection" to "What else can I do to grow my waitlist?" . Come with all your questions any time, and receive a response within 24 hours..

conversion-boosting copy edits on every launch asset

I'll review EVERY asset for your launch and provide conversion-boosting edits - including webinar slides, email sequences, any content you create, etc. You'll scale your launch results by using this copy now and for every launch going forward.

8-weeks of slack support for any and all launch qs

you'll use everything we create to LAUNCH FASTER, EASIER, AND BETTER EVERY TIME

you'll be able to pick a launch date and sell with focus and ease - knowing you have every asset you need to build desire, urgency, and sales.

Samantha's copy spoke the messaging we were trying to get across to our audience in a clear and exciting way.

We really enjoyed the copy that Samantha has written for us. She really understood our brand's voice & vision and created copy that aligned and converted visitors into paying students!

christina galbato, founder of create her empire

400+ course sign ups

I am so excited about my finished copy! I think you nailed my tone and voice. You found ways to write my jumbled thoughts into clear and concise messaging. 

When I was looking at different copywriters Samantha stood out because she wasn't afraid to be bold and honest. I had seen a lot of other copywriters that used what I would call to be "fluff words" or industry "buzz words."

service page that sells

izzy waite - branding and website designer

Meet your launch Expert

I’m Samantha, your Launch Copywriter + Sales Messaging Strategist.

I've been the trusted copywriter on multiple 6 + 7 figure launches, a guest expert in 3 different industry-leading programs, and have supported  100+ clients since starting my business in 2019.

I love helping leaders own their expertise and make it SHINE in their messaging. We'll take your bold ideas, unique opinions, expert perspective, and weave it into compelling launch copy that stands out and sells.

And we do it without bro-marketing, girl boss messaging, or unethical tactics. We'll create messaging that sounds like nothing else out there so you cut through the noise and stand out as the clear choice.

If you're ready to feel fully supported and ready to walk into your best launch yet...⚡

Apply to work together today.

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Now - that reworked strategy call has evolved into a full blown messaging framework that has earned dozens of my clients amazing results - everything from booked out services, sparking more sales conversations, and enjoying wildly profitable launches.

Not to mention - I got so much JOY from offering a safe & no-judgment space for them to bounce ideas around and create exciting eureka moments around their messaging. 

Although my intensive calls gave clients instant clarity - I couldn’t help but think how much progress we could make if they could continue to check-in and receive ongoing messaging support…and so I created ANGLES!

I'm so looking forward to supporting you on your own messaging journey so you can leverage simple messaging that earns you more sign ups and sales.

I was at a point where I felt like my offer sounded like every other coaching program out there. But after the intensive, walked away with so many content/caption ideas - and I feel more confident navigating sales calls now that I know how to talk about my offer in a powerful way.

The messaging we created helped me confidently double my prices from $2000 to $4500 & had my first 5-figure launch at $25k!

- Alicia, career coach

doubled her prices + had first 5-figure launch

I'm preparing to launch a new course. I need a sales page and emails and so much more. AND I know that ALLLLL of that would be a lot easier and more effective when I've dialed in the messaging. After getting your help with sales page copy, launch emails, and more...The result: 18 students inside from the first launch!

Now I feel like I'm the only person in the room. Because my bold and unique messaging makes me the singular choice for my ideal students!

jana O. - Content & Pinterest Strategist

18 students inside her brand new course

how it works

We'll start with a 3-hour call to clarify your bold messaging and strategize your sales calendar. You'll walk away from the call overflowing with new messaging angles and selling points that grab attention and sell.

Within 2 weeks of our call - you'll receive a DONE FOR YOU sales page, open cart email sequence, and 6-week launch content calendar. You'll have two rounds of revisions so you feel ready to hit publish.

Say hello to repeatable launch results with assets you can use again and again. We'll polish every asset so you can use it now and for every launch going forward. This includes: pre-launch emails, webinar slides, waitlist landing page, etc. 

Always have a place to go to ask questions, receive support, get a second-pair of expert eyes, and troubleshoot any questions you may have as you launch.

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it's always a good time for a launch advantage.
we can get started even if....

your offer is evergreen

Wait what? Yep! All the assets in the launch advantage can be applied to an evergreen offer. You still need a sales page and you still need a 6-week content plan to build momentum. The email sequence can be crafted to be your welcome sequence, or it could be a sales sequence for after a paid workshop or free event. Inside the Launch Advantage, I'll show you strategies and support you to build desire on evergreen and sell more spots in your always-enrolling offers. 


So long as your offer is proven (aka - you know there is demand for your offer) - you're ready to launch! Maybe you've just finished a beta round or you've been building a waitlist...and now you're ready to launch "for real". The Launch Advantage will get you set up for first launch success AND give you all the assets + strategy you need to launch with ease for the future. 

you've just wrapped up your launch

Mmmm...smells like freshly baked data 🥐 By getting started now, we can use all the new insights, lessons, and data from your past launch to plan your next one. We'll take everything you've learned and weave it into your messaging, copy, and content - so you can see even more results from your next launch. You also have the luxury of time to relax, prepare, and cruise into your next launch with everything ready to go. This is honestly a *great* time to get in. 🤫

With the sales page you wrote and the revamped messaging....I booked out my quarter in advance!

It’s so crazy and awesome to see all my ideas and thoughts about my offer, all untangled and sounding so much clearer and neater and, well, more effective at selling! Now I know what to say, and when, and how, in order to really communicate the value of what I do to the people who need it most, and it’s such a relief. 


booked out q1 launch

Literally cannot say enough good things.

Every single step of the way, you blew my mind. Jaw on the floor. Constantly. In fact, my jaw hurts from having to pick it up off the floor so damn much.

Samantha is incredibly thorough, professional, attentive, and responsive. It was a pure joy and I still can't believe I got to work with someone of your caliber!

9 sales in the first
week of her funnel

sam kelly - feminist coach + therapist

investment: $7000

choose between PIF or two payments of $3500

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get ready for launching to be simple + repeatable without the burnout

your bold messaging will attract, qualify, and excite the right people - so you can have simple launches that sign more clients with less effort.

get ready to have an unfair advantage.

questions? ask away.

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⚡How will you match my voice / what do revisions look like?
 You'll send me your brand voice preferences before writing begins. In addition, I'll ask you to send samples of your best performing pieces of copy and content - so I can replicate the voice + tone that brought you the most engagement in the past! You'll receive 2 revisions on all the copy I deliver to ensure that everything is ready to share.

 ⚡What if I want this but I sell on evergreen?
Great! We'll simply craft everything (your sales page, email sequence, and sales plan) so you can use them again and again to build desire, urgency, and sales for your evergreen offer. 

Can I secure my spot for a future date?
Please do - that's the best idea! Apply with the button below and once we finish our intro call, you'll be able to place a deposit to secure your desired start date. Can't wait! 😍

If you still have Qs - feel free to reach out at @samanthahoilett.writes or

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