Profitable Messaging Intensive

the 2-hour strategy call where we'll uncover your most powerful and profitable messaging for your premium offer.

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This intensive is perfect for you if…

You know your offer is a gamechanger....but finding the words to powerfully communicate that in a way that grabs attention & sells has been a challenge.

You know your offer is different & special from what's out there...but you feel like your messaging has you blending in with a sea of similar offers.

You’re ready to learn how to talk about your offer in a way that makes it feel like an easy yes - even when you're charging a premium.

You’re happy to write your own copy – but you want support laying the foundations for what to say & how to say it so you can stand out & sell.

With the profitable messaging we create, you can...

Successfully raise your prices by 30% or MORE - like my client Vicky

Celebrate your first 5-figure launch - like my clients Alicia and Sarah

Book out your biz quarter in advance like my client Claire

Re-launch your group program with confidence like my client Jess

Powerfully communicate the value of "intangible" offers like my client Erin & Audrey

Market your offer with non-icky tactics like my client Corinne

...and so much more.

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  • grab the attention of dream clients with your copy & content

  • stand out as the expert who has the exact solution they've been craving

  • confidently communicate the value & impact of working with you

  • inspire people to take action (without relying on urgency/scarcity tactics)

  • confidently DIY your launch content, content, sales emails, and more

You'll be able to leverage your new messaging right away to...

you'll have a treasure chest of strategic sales language you can use to confidently promote your offer - again, and again.

walk away with 10+ pages of
ready-to-use messaging ideas

What makes this intensive different?

This isn’t a call where you leave with some tips, tricks, and a vague idea of what to do next.

My intensive follows my proven messaging framework that we’ll work through together.

It's a fun, collaborative done-with-you process where we'll work together to uncover your magnetic messaging & persuasive selling points. It's how I ensure your messaging feels unique & authentically yours. 

You’ll walk away from the intensive knowing exactly what to say and how to say it so you can sell with confidence. 

What I’m going to share will help you see your offer in a whole new light. Take it from my clients! 

After working with me on their messaging, my clients have gone on to: create compelling content that sells, raise their prices, have 5-figure launches, and more.

— $975 —

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I booked out my Q1! It’s so crazy and awesome to see all my ideas and thoughts about my offer, all untangled and sounding so much clearer and neater and, well, more effective at selling! Now I know what to say, and when, and how, in order to really communicate the value of what I do to the people who need it most, and it’s such a relief. 

claire paniccia, conquer your content

I was at a point where I felt like my offer sounded like every other coaching program out there. But after the intensive, walked away with so many content/caption ideas - and I feel more confident navigating sales calls now that I know how to talk about my offer in a powerful way. The messaging we created helped me confidently double my prices & have my first 5-figure launch.

- Alicia perkins, career coach

On the cusp of a new offer, I realized how disorganized my language was for what I wanted to teach others. I was concerned that someone outside of the therapy world wouldn't know how to help me organize my thoughts, but Sam connected me more deeply to my own knowledge and helped me have so many AHA! moments.


Here's what clients have to say...

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Meet your Messaging Expert

Hey friend!

I’m Samantha, your launch copywriter & messaging strategist.

Since 2019, I've helped over 100 business owners cut the fluff and create crystal clear messaging that instantly resonates with their dream clients. 

Getting clear on your messaging helps you:

⚡ stand out as THE essential expert in your space 

⚡ create magnetic content that grabs attention & sells 

⚡powerfully communicate the value and results your offer creates 

⚡confidently charge a premium for your offers  

Your blueprint will become your favorite tool to create content, write copy, and become the expert your community loves to hear from.

You’ll walk away with a complete plan of what to say and how to say it so you can connect with your audience, resonate with their needs, and increase your sign ups and sales.

Ready to dive in?

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Now - that reworked strategy call has evolved into a full blown messaging framework that has earned dozens of my clients amazing results - everything from booked out services, sparking more sales conversations, and enjoying wildly profitable launches.

Not to mention - I got so much JOY from offering a safe & no-judgment space for them to bounce ideas around and create exciting eureka moments around their messaging. 

Although my intensive calls gave clients instant clarity - I couldn’t help but think how much progress we could make if they could continue to check-in and receive ongoing messaging support…and so I created ANGLES!

I'm so looking forward to supporting you on your own messaging journey so you can leverage simple messaging that earns you more sign ups and sales.

Total clarity on how to communicate the value of your offer in a way that speaks to your audience & Sells

A Message Toolkit that helps you leverage the powerful messaging we created in your copy & content

unique-to-you messaging ideas for your copy & content
(I draft these live during our call!)

2-hours of hands-on sales messaging support for your offer

Here's What You Can Expect

I've been unable to come up with clear messaging around my main offer. I tried a couple group programs to get it right, but I knew I needed 1:1 support. After the intensive, I feel so much clarity and RELIEF! I was surprised how much were were able to accomplish is just 2 hours. I walked away with 14 pages of PURE GOLD!! I feel confident & ready to sell my service at my new price. Having Samantha's 1:1 attention is priceless.

vicky smith, systems expert

"It felt like I was working with a bonafide translator - she took my spitballing, words, ideas, and thoughts, and transformed them into clear messaging. I feel so much more secure in my messaging. There's a plan for it and a reason for how it flows and exists. I've had an expert make sense of my work and put it to paper."

- Hannah, Public Speaking Coach

I have such an incredible blueprint to use again & again to really dive into & pull out parts for my content on Instagram, email marketing, my website etc. It's given me sooooo much more clarity around how to truly articulate the value of my offer vs before when I was only scraping the surface. I feel like I can now truly give my offer justice so that my ideal audience can really see & understand the value of it & how it can transform their business!

ashleigh smart, brand strategist @ citrine & sol

Even more testimonials…

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