Profitable Messaging Intensive

My 2-hour VIP Intensive where we’ll outline your most powerful and profitable messaging for your premium offer.

This intensive is perfect for you if…

  • You know your offer is a gamechanger. But when it comes to finding the words to promote and sell – your mind goes blanker than a new word document.
  • Your offer is unique and creates powerful results – but whenever you sit down to write – everything sounds generic, unoriginal, and worst of all – cliché.
  • You’re ready to learn how to sprinkle copy magic onto your offer so you can confidently speak on your unique approach and the exciting outcomes your clients can expect. 
  • You’re happy to write your own copy – but you still wish you could get a pair of expert conversion-copy eyes on your ideas.

  • feel confident when promoting your offer because you’ve learned what your audience needs to hear to feel ready to buy.
  • build massive momentum during your launch because you’ve identified your profitable messaging ahead of time.
  • learn how to think like a copywriter so you can uncover new and exciting marketing angles for your offer.
  • spark new conversations with dream clients on the regular because you’re powerfully communicating the value of your offer.
  • walk away with a ready-to-use blueprint of messaging ideas that you can use to plan launch content, DIY your copy, and more.

If you're ready to…

Then you’re in the right place.

What makes this intensive special?

This isn’t your typical call where you leave with some tips and tricks and general ideas. 

My intensive follows my messaging framework that we’ll work through together.

I’ll kick you off with some questions, and then help you dig deeper so you can create messaging that aligns your brand, your client’s needs, and your unique approach – the three pillars to messaging that sells. 

You’ll walk away from the intensive knowing exactly what to say and how to say it so you can sell with confidence. 

What I’m going to share will help you see your offer in a whole new light. Take it from my clients! 

After working with me on their messaging, my clients have gone on to: find gaps in their current offers, create compelling content that sells, have 5-figure launches, and so much more.

— $975 —

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"I was surprised at how quickly Sam was able to uncover my key messaging. I love how you just grabbed everything I said and made a story out of it that made sense, to call in and attract my ideal client. I came into this intensive with no idea about my messaging and how to organize it and after the intensive, I got an epic blueprint of messaging to use. It's amazing!"

- Audrey Roy, Life & Purpose Mentor

Meet your Messaging Expert

Hey friend!

I’m Samantha, your launch copywriter & messaging strategist.

After supporting dozens of brands and businesses with their content and launch copy – I began to notice something. Business owners who map their messaging out ahead of time tend to have more effective (and more effortless!) launches. 

This is because defining your key messaging early helps you:

💜 stay consistent in how you position your offer

💜 effortlessly plan content so you never run out of things to say during your launch 

💜 get powerful clarity on how to communicate the value and results your offer creates 

💜 identify how to best resonate with your audience so you offer actually converts

I created this intensive so that even the busiest entrepreneur can have the copy magic they need to effectively promote and sell their offer. You’ll walk away with a complete plan of what to say and when to say it so you can connect with your audience and make the sale. 

Ready to dive in?

Now - that reworked strategy call has evolved into a full blown messaging framework that has earned dozens of my clients amazing results - everything from booked out services, sparking more sales conversations, and enjoying wildly profitable launches.

Not to mention - I got so much JOY from offering a safe & no-judgment space for them to bounce ideas around and create exciting eureka moments around their messaging. 

Although my intensive calls gave clients instant clarity - I couldn’t help but think how much progress we could make if they could continue to check-in and receive ongoing messaging support…and so I created ANGLES!

I'm so looking forward to supporting you on your own messaging journey so you can leverage simple messaging that earns you more sign ups and sales.

Total clarity on how to communicate the value of your offer in a way that speaks to your audience & Sells

A Message Toolkit that helps you know how to leverage the powerful messaging we created, including on your sales page, social content, and during your launch  

Custom messaging ideas to use for your next launch (I draft these live during our call!)

2-hours of hands-on sales messaging support for your offer

Here's What You Can Expect

"It was just so helpful to have someone to talk this out with and see it reflected back in a format different than I'm used to working with. And to not have to be in the driver's seat for once was such a relief! The added Message Toolkit is amazing! It's helped me to improve my content plan with my messaging."

- Rebecca Henn, Brand Strategist

"It felt like I was working with a bonafide translator - she took my spitballing, words, ideas, and thoughts, and transformed them into clear messaging. I feel so much more secure in my messaging. There's a plan for it and a reason for how it flows and exists. I've had an expert make sense of my work and put it to paper."

- Hannah, Public Speaking Coach

Even more testimonials…

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