First Class Copy Week


First-Class Copy Week delivers sales pages and emails straight to your inbox so you can have a stress-free and sold-out launch.


You deserve to head into your next launch with copy that elevates your expertise, engages your community, and empowers them to take action. 

How would it feel if...

🥂 You could finally kick the stress and overwhelm - knowing your copy will be polished and ready to go in time for your launch

✈️ You cruised into your next launch with clear messaging & compelling copy that gets your community engaged, excited, and ready to buy

✨ You could save time, reclaim your energy, and get back to the areas of your business that light you up

Ready to have your most peaceful & profitable launch yet?

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"I can’t even form words to express how impressed I am with this email sequence! You took everything from my head and brought total clarity to the value of my toolkit! I love it, thank you SO much!"

Alyssa Bloom, Creative CEO

First-Class Copy Week


Choose your destination:

A creative sales page that blends personality with proven conversion strategy to take your readers from on-the-fence to into your offer.

Long Form Sales Page


✨ A Brand & Offer Questionnaire prior to our call.
✨ A 90-min Messaging + Kick-Off Call to help powerfully communicate the value of your offer.
✨ Long-form sales page copy for your premium offer
✨ One round of revisions
✨ One week of support after project delivery

Open & Close Doors Email Sequence

A strategic sequence of 6-8 launch emails that take your list from curious readers to excited buyers. 


✨ A Brand & Offer Questionnaire prior to our call.
✨ A 90-min Messaging + Kick-Off Call to help powerfully communicate the value of your offer and plan the email strategy
✨6-8 strategic launch emails for your premium offer
✨ One round of revisions
✨ One week of support after project delivery

Have a launch event like a webinar or masterclass? This provides the landing page that fills your list with hot leads, and a 4-part show-up sequence to boost attendance.

Short-Form Launch Event Landing Page + Mini-Email Sequence


✨ A Brand & Offer Questionnaire prior to our call.
✨ A 90-min Messaging + Kick-Off Call to help powerfully communicate the value of your event and plan the email strategy
✨ One Short-Form Landing Page
✨ 4 show-up emails to boost attendance
✨ One round of revisions
✨ One week of support after project delivery


Launch Co-Pilot. 

People-First Sales. 

Unique to You Messaging.

Three Things that Make First Class Copy Week a First-Class Experience 🥂

We’ll take time to refine & clarify your messaging so you can attract dream clients with copy that positions your expertise and sells your offer. 

We’ll position your offer as a helpful stepping stone, not the “special secret” or “silver bullet” that will make or break their business. You’ll have copy that is both ethical and strategic without the ick-factor.

By providing a simple and stress-free process, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight - knowing your launch copy is in professional hands.

Here’s how to create smooth sailing & clear skies for your launch…

First Class Copy Week also comes with 1 round of revisions and a week of post-project support.


Book your copy week


Fill out your questionnaires


Join the kick-off call


Receive your copy within one week of our kick-off call

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  • Done-for-you copy hand delivered to your inbox
  • Getting back to doing what you love instead of tinkering with sales copy
  • Peace of mind that your copy feels good, looks good, and is designed to convert
  • Actually do that launch “self care” you always put on your calendar

Book your first-class copy week and enjoy…


Imagine having the tension in your shoulders melt away, knowing that you finally gave your launch (and yourself!) the VIP treatment.

Blending your brand story with conversion-strategy to create copy that is ethical, empowering, and earns results.

Hi friend,

I’m Samantha - your resident Launch Copywriter, Messaging Strategist, and Globetrotter (hence the theme ✈️).

Since you’re here, I’m guessing you care deeply about making sure that your sales copy aligns with how you run your business - with a big-heart, a clear purpose, and a desire to bring out the best in others.

That’s exactly why I think launch copy is so magical. ✨ It’s an exciting chance for your business to shine bright and share who you are, what you stand for, and how you can help others make exciting progress towards their goals.

If you’re looking for someone who will take the time to really learn, understand (and celebrate the heck out of!) your business so we can bring it all together with launch copy that brings your offer to life…

I'm so glad our paths crossed and I can’t wait to work with you.

Meet Your Launch Co-Pilot - Samantha Hoilett

Ready to fly?

book your ticket to FIRST CLASS COPY WEEK.

Receive sales pages and launch emails straight to your inbox so you can have a stress-free, sold-out launch.

— $2,997 —

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"I cannot stress enough how much I freaking LOVED Sam's copy! She totally captured my voice. Sam wrote my sales page for my course launch and it really helped me promote it with confidence and ease."

- Life with Ovi

“HOLY F*KING SH*T I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!! You’re a freaking word wizard, Samantha!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! I think it’s utterly amazing!!!! Just paid my last invoice, and I’ve never been so happy to throw my money at someone 🤩🤩🤩”

- Claire Paniccia, SEO & Content Marketing Specialist 

Here’s the First Class Copy Week Flight Plan ✈️

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Stamp my passport! Take me to the form →

Your new copy comes with 1 round of edits and a full week of post-Intensive copy support if you have any questions, want me to review your design, or anything else. 

Head to the application form & answer a few questions about your launch to help me decide if we’re a perfect fit!

I’ll respond within 48 hours and let you know which dates are available for your Copy Week and schedule an intro call. If we’re a match, I’ll whip up an Onboarding Email to get you booked and ready to fly!

Step 1: Now Boarding 🛂

This is when our copy week begins! After reviewing all of your onboarding materials, we’ll jump on a 90 minute Kick Off Call to get on the same page about your offer, messaging, launch strategy, and any other final details. 

From there, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight. I’ll take it from here. 

Step 2: Time for Take Off - Join the Kick Off Call ✈️

You’ll find me in the cockpit ( my desk, coffee in hand) focusing 100% on your launch copy. Using the information you’ve shared with me, I’ll be working on crafting personality-driven copy that is designed to connect and convert.

Step 3: Cruising Altitude - Writing Days ⛅

We’ve reached our destination. Within one week of our Kick Off Call, you’ll have your hands on your hassle-free, unique-to-you, perfect and polished sales copy ready for your next launch.

Step 4: Smooth Landing: Copy Delivery 🛬

Still have questions? Let them fly

Q: This is awesome - It’s really done in a week?

A: Yes! The deliverables are guaranteed within one week of our kick off call. The only thing to remember is that you can’t book your kick off call for like…tomorrow 😂 

You still need to book your copy week in advance (usually by 1-2 months!). 

Secure your spot now so you can rest easy knowing your copy will be taken care of when the time comes.

Q: I’d like to book - but I still have questions.

A: No problem! You can fill out the inquiry form and request a 30–min call before committing to anything! Or if it’s something quick, feel free to email me at

Q: What if I need more than one Copy Week?

A: I’ve got you covered! Go ahead and fill out the form & schedule the call as normal and we’ll talk about how to get all your copy needs taken care of on our 30-min intro call!  

Q: I think I need something a little different…

A: I totally get it - not every copy project fits in a neat little box. If you have something else in mind, reach out to learn about my First Class Day Rates!

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