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double your launch results with clear & Compelling messaging that connects, engages, and SElls   


You know your offer is a gamechanger...so why isn't it selling like one?

You have the expertise.
You have the client results.
You have the community.

You're ticking all the marketing boxes, but your results aren't matching up with the effort you're pouring in.

Right now, promoting your offer feels like...

Struggling to find the words. Whether you feel fluffy, vague, or stuck using the same old messaging as everyone else in your space...you know you could do better at communicating the unique value of working with you. 

Guessing what moves the needle. You're showing up & talking about your offer - but you still feel unsure of what to say & how to say it to get people excited & ready to buy.

Breaking a sweat for every sale. You're getting traction here & there, but it's slow going. You wish it was easier & faster to take someone from lurking to leaping into your offer.

if that sounds familiar, here's what you need to know.

Clear messaging = clear decision. Knowing how to craft & leverage clear messaging is what will allow you to showcase your offer value, build a fire-hot audience, and earn "sign me UP!!" messages from your ideal clients.

you know how to communicate your value in a way that makes your offer feel like an easy yes

Imagine celebrating your best launch yet because...

YouR messaging is clear, consistent, and compelling aND attracts ideal clients at premium prices




you knew exactly what to say to build desire and demand for your premium offers

It's all possible once you find your ANGLES 📐✨

You'll learn how to clarify your message, communicate your value, and leverage your messaging to 2X your launch results

You’ll work through my messaging blueprint which covers the essential sales messaging blocks you need to clearly communicate the value of your offer.

⭐ My blueprint is a no-fluff tool that has helped my clients go from not knowing how to talk about their offers to crafting their own copy, raising their prices, and securing 4 and 5-figure launches.  It's practical and it works.

Within 30 days of starting the program, you'll have clear messaging that communicates your value, grabs dream client attention, and gets more people reaching out to work with you.

And in the long run, you'll have a timeless skill that allows you to quickly connect, engage, and sell to your community. You'll speed up your sales process, have easier, repeatable launches, and scale your business.

How we'll take your messaging from "meh" to magnetic

"If you have an offer that you want to launch or book out -
ANGLES is your first stop - hands down!

I could not have made a better investment in my business! The messaging blueprint I've created for my offer is unreal. I literally love this offer again and feel so much more confident & clear on who it's for and the impact it can make."

⭐ Jenny roth - email & sales page & website copywriter

I felt like we went deep sea diving and found a treasure chest of language that sparkles and lights up the work I do. Now - I'm actually excited and confident to share my offering with folks, and so relieved, encouraged and thrilled that I know it will invite the right people for me!

Sam is the real f*king deal. She really cares about you and your work, truly listens and gets to the heart of your unique messaging, and wants to see you succeed and thrive."

⭐ Erin K Monahan, Trauma Informed Mindset Coach

“Working with Sam was amazing! I would have never been able to create messaging for my upcoming launch that’s as powerful as what came from this. I feel confident & on fire! I’m so excited going into my launch because I feel like my messaging is on point. I know exactly what (and HOW) to say everything to sell confidently & I know this confidence will have a huge impact on the outcome of my launch”.

⭐ Sarah, Funnel Strategist

Before I was only scraping the surface - now, Sam’s messaging method has given me sooooo much more clarity around how to truly articulate the value of my offer. I feel like I can now do my offer justice so that my ideal audience can see & understand the value & how it will transform their business!”

⭐ Ashleigh, Brand Coach

let's hear it from my messaging clients...

  • You have a signature offer and you're ready to create a messaging strategy that helps you earn more sales, raise your prices, refine your positioning, reach a new caliber of client, or have your first 5-figure launch.

  • You recently pivoted or created a new offer and you want to make sure your messaging is clear, compelling, and captures the value so you can take potential clients from cold to sold.

  • You already launch & sell offers successfully - and now you're ready to find your messaging blind spots & plug the gaps that could keep you from earning even more sales in your next launch.

ANGLES is not for you if...

  • You're not willing to brainstorm ideas & fill out the messaging blueprint.
  • You've never served clients or created client results before. 
  • You struggle to show up for your business 
  • You're not willing to take responsibility for your results in the program

still here? Awesome.

You're ready to find your ANGLES if...

your value

clarify your

The 3 Phases to Sharpen Your Selling ANGLES

You'll start by diving into the Messaging 101 and Clarify Your Messaging Trainings. These trainings will provide instant clarity on how to cut the fluff, be more clear, and grab the attention of dream clients in your audience.

Once your message is clear, you'll work to unpack all the value you bring to table. You'll learn how to communicate your value, showcase your offer benefits, refine your positioning, and ultimately become UNMISTAKEABLE in your marketing.

Now, it's time to get your messaging out there. You'll follow my 30 Day Messaging Momentum Challenge to build offer awareness and get your audience fire-hot before your next launch.

create leverage & build messaging momentum

Let's uncover your profitable messaging so you can stand out from the crowd, sell more spots in your premium offers, and reach more people with the powerful work that you do.

The difference between sales & silence...

After being a launch copywriter & messaging strategist for businesses just starting to hit $5k months all the way to 6 and 7-figure launches...I started to notice a pattern.

There's only ONE non-negotiable thing that every launch MUST have to be successful. And nope - it wasn't if the client has a big audience....if they went viral...if they used ads...or if they followed the *perfect* 10-step launch strategy to a tee...

The non-negotiable was their messaging. 

So...I set out to create a simple framework that made clarifying your messaging easy. And the wins have been...pretty incredible. 😍

My clients have achieved everything from reclaiming their confidence as an expert, trusting their unique voice, and even having their first 5 or 6-figure launch.

And best of all - they get to reach more people with the powerful work that they do.

Inside ANGLES, you'll have everything you need to call in your dream clients, uncover your unique positioning, and earn more engagement and sales for your offers.

I'm so looking forward to supporting you on your messaging journey so you can build exciting messaging momentum and 2X your launch results.

The difference between sales & silence...

"I FEEL SO MUCH CLEARER NOW! Before, I felt like I was always just going “I made this thing! It’s super helpful, you’ll love it!” But now I know what to say, and when, and how, in order to really communicate the value of what I do to the people who need it most, and it’s such a relief."

⭐ Claire, Content Marketing Strategist

I'm so glad that I signed up for ANGLES. I knew for awhile that I've wanted to work with you, and having your feedback and help on my messaging and copy has been AMAZING. I can't tell you how long I've been stuck on some of this and how much further I've gotten just in the last week. Thank you to infinity!

⭐ klarrisa frank, multicultural leadership coach

"Before working with Samantha - had no idea about my messaging and how to organize it - and now I know exactly how to talk about my offer now and call in my ideal client. It was exactly what I had been waiting for my business coach to cover with me...I feel so much more confident."

⭐ Audrey, Life & Purpose Mentor

I feel so much more secure in my messaging. There's a plan for it and a reason for how it flows and exists. Samantha doesn’t leave you hanging. She gives you the next steps on how to use your messaging to make the maximum impact.” 

Public Speaking specialist

If I shared all my client stories - we’d be here all day.  
It’s time for you to create these wins for yourself.

Even more messaging wins…

Live Community &
bonus Events:

High touch messaging, copy, and launch support

portal of Messaging Modules & Resources:

ANGLES gets you communicating your offer better - right away.

 You will have instant access to a portal of self-paced content that will help you clarify your offer messaging right away. You’ll learn timeless messaging strategies that will give you a boost of clarity in the short-term and generate sales in the long-term. 

You’ll be able to submit your messaging blueprint, as well as any copy you create based on the blueprint for review. There are also 2x/month Q&A calls so you can receive live support and ask questions as you go!

You’ll be invited to program sessions like workshops, coworking sessions, trainings, and other bonus events that supplement the program material. 

Join ANGLES today and get immediate access to:

14+ Messaging Trainings that help you get more specific, tangible, and magnetic to your dream clients

A FB Group so you can ask questions and always have a place to receive support.

2x/Month Q&A calls where you can get feedback & clarity on your messaging 

hands-on Messaging Blueprint & Copy reviews so you can publish your message with confidence

bonus program events & Challenges to keep you moving on your messaging 

6 months of support - so you have time to build momentum & launch with your new messaging

Get ready to combine your unique voice with magnetic messaging so you can go from "just another" to "the one and only".

It's time to quit the guesswork and leverage a profitable messaging strategy that helps you stand out and sell.

I'm ready to find my angles  →

Say goodbye to blending in with cookie-cutter messaging.

Have Questions? Let’s Get Them Answered ⚡

Q: Does ANGLES have a start date?

Nope! Join today and get 6-months access no matter when you decide to join. Inside, you’ll find self-paced course content, as well as a live community & ongoing calls where you can get hands-on messaging support and feedback at any time. 

Q: I’ve sold spots in my offer before, could I still benefit from ANGLES?

Yes! By going through ANGLES, you’ll find your messaging blind spots and plug the gaps that are holding you back from signing even more people into your programs.  ANGLES can help you refresh your messaging based on client wins, offer feedback, and more so that you can earn even more conversions in your next launch.

Q: Will this work for my type of offer? 

My messaging method works beautifully for online courses, group programs, DFY services, 1:1 coaching and consults, digital products like eBooks, memberships, subscriptions, and more. It's not for product-based businesses or e-commerce.

Q: Does ANGLES include 1:1 access to Samantha?

Nope! It's up to you to move through the portal at your own pace. But we'll be able to brainstorm together in the FB group, ask Qs on the Q&A call, and get hands-on feedback on your copy and content-  so I can promise you'll always feel supported!

 Q: I’m already in a coaching/marketing program. Would I still benefit from this?

Many marketing programs blow right past your messaging & straight to creating content to sell your offer. In fact - several of my messaging clients have come to me after going through marketing or coaching programs because they're still not clear on how to communicate the unique value of their program, course, or service.

helps you get clear on your foundational messaging so that your copy & content actually creates results. 

Q: I still have questions…

I love a careful decision maker! I'm the same way. Slide into my DMs for a no-pressure chat, or send me an email at hello@samanthahoilett.com and we can book a quick call!

It's time for your messaging to match the magic you create in your business. ✨

Because right now, you're tired of having people love what you do, but never making the leap to work with you.

You're ready to stop questioning yourself and your prices and finally feel confident that you're communicating the the value you bring to the table.

Having clear messaging will help you powerfully express yourself in your marketing so that people are quick to see the unique value of working with you.

You'll be able to leverage conversion ANGLES that grab attention, clarify your positioning, and inspire your community to become paying clients.

Don't close out another promo period wondering what you could have said or done differently to get people to jump in and take action. 

It's high time that your messaging matched the magic you create inside your offers - so let's make it happen. 🔥I can't wait to welcome you inside!

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